Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NBC Forums down? Come to The Evicted!

I just recently found out that the NBC forums went down. I want to say that we, at The Evicted, know how that feels. We felt that one year ago when the CW forums went down. We did not want to lose the connections we’ve made over the years. So, within minutes of hearing the news, we jumped into action. We are inviting all of you who were members of the NBC forums to join our family and make The Evicted your home. We have a place for all the shows (and if we don’t have it already, we will certainly make it). We want you guys to be able to keep the connections you've made over the years. 

So, feel free to make yourself at home here at The Evicted. We would love to welcome you in as our brothers and sisters.

Here is the link to our home:

I hope to see you all there soon!

- MissNiChloe

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