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Chloe Sullivan from Smallville

"Watchtower is officially online." Chloe Sullivan - Smallville: Season 8

This quote is from a favorite character of mine from my favorite show, Smallville. Her name is Chloe Sullivan aka Watchtower and she is Clark Kent's best friend from high school. She was played by Allison Mack during Smallville's ten year run.

This character is an inspiration in so many ways. She is just as much a hero as the rest of the Justice League on Smallville. I think the quote is fitting because I named my blog after Chloe Sullivan's alter ego, Watchtower. I put in the 2.0 for originality and the fact that I am not a Johovah's Witness. I am a Baptist - Christian (No, I'm not part of Westboro Baptist Church either).

Hi, my name is NiChloe, or you can just call me Chloe, it is not my real name, but simply a nickname. I am a young woman who has big dreams of making a difference in the world. I have an associate's degree in Human Services and I'd like to help people with disabilities. I have a learning disability myself. I see on the news or through my friends how some people just don't understand someone with a disability and sometimes, I wish I could do something about it. I want to be a voice for disability awareness. 

I am on Twitter, you can find me as: @TheWatchtower21

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