Saturday, June 2, 2012

How Superheroes bring us hope

For years, superheroes have given people hope for the future, to the young, and the old, to the males and the females, to the gifted and the disabled... Superheroes of all kinds have given us hope over the years. I've heard news stories about how loved ones have been creative with using these heroes to make life better. The most recent story I heard is how a mother used The Avengers to help her comic book loving son. If you have't seen The Avengers yet, I'd strongly recommend it, it's a very good movie.

Here is the story:

I was touched by this story. I have a hearing impairment and an active imagination. The one superhero I've always looked up to was Superman, but I loved all the superheroes. I remember when I was a little girl, I was bullied back then too. I used to pretend I was either one of the superheroes to fight alongside Superman, or I was the one behind the scenes giving information to the Superheroes, both times, pretending my hearing aid was a communicator (think Watchtower from Smallville). What's funny is that in my favorite show, Smallville, there was a character named Chloe Sullivan who became Watchtower and did exactly what I pretended to do as a little girl. I did not write the character of Chloe Sullivan though.

Chloe Sullivan may only be a supporting character to the Superman mythology, in fact, she wasn't in the original mythology, but the character of Chloe Sullivan gives me hope because of the hurt she's been through and how she survived and succeeded. In a way, she's a hero as well. She makes a difference and that's what I hope to do someday. Before Chloe Sullivan, I've always thought of myself as a Supergirl or Lois Lane and even now, whenever I'm faced with something, I ask myself, what would Supergirl or Superman do or what would Chloe Sullivan or Lois Lane do?

There's quite a few stories that's still very clear to my mind where I asked what would Chloe Sullivan do or what would Supergirl do, stories where I feel I've made a difference. But for now, everyone thinks of me as a clumsy college student.

What superhero or supporting character gives you hope for the future? Do you have any stories in which you have asked what your hero would do?

Until next time, God Bless.
- MissNiChloe


  1. Amazing story about the kid that Marvel Comics made a hero for called "Blue Ear." It made me cry.

    There's hardly a day that goes by when I don't ask myself 'what would Superman do?'

    The guys at Marvel got it right, and make me proud to be a superhero fan.

  2. I am proud to call myself a huge fan of Superman and at times I try to model his own life and make it my own, I try to find the good in others and lend a helping hand without asking for anything in return. People are touched by my kindness and helpfulness and recognize that I could be greedy and selfish but it just wouldn't be my nature to do so. We all have the potential to do good or bad, it is up to us if we choose to do either one. I think that I would want Superman to be proud of what I am doing to help out people whoever they may.

    Superheroes are ordinary heroes that aren't recognized as being super but their actions and deeds show us that they are indeed super, I believe that we see the good and we want to copy that as a way of living.

    I am glad you decided to share your own special Superhero with us, I am glad I am sharing my own with you and hope it inspires others as well! Be blessed my dear friend