Friday, May 4, 2012

An Inspirational Person

Today, I found out about someone who is a motivational speaker and author. She is a wonderful soul who doesn't let anyone bring her down. Her name is Lizzie Valesquaz, she is 23 years old, and she is living with a rare, undiagnosed syndrome. It is so rare, only three people in the world has this syndrome, her included. To this day, it is still a mystery.

She has dealt with bullies. She was once voted the ugliest girl in the world on youtube. She's been told she would not amount to anything. Do you know what she did? She proved to everyone that it's what on the inside that counts. She proved every single one of those haters wrong with her successes.

She recently made an inspirational video here:

She currently has two books out: Lizzie Beautiful and Be Beautiful, Be You. Lizzie Beautiful is available now on Amazon. Be Beautiful, Be You is set for release on October 1, 2012. For those who know my love for reading, I will be looking out for those books.

Her story has really hit home for me. It's not that I have the same syndrome, it's what I've had to deal with and my goals in life. I'm sure my troubles can't compare with hers, and I'm not saying I've had more troubles or she's had more troubles. Her story is just very relateable.

For those who know me, you know I want to speak out for awareness on certain subjects. I know I can't touch on everything, so I'm cautious about trying to speak out about everything. Just the other day, I was doubtful that I'd be able to reach out. So, as a child of God, I prayed for Him to show me some inspiration. Today, I got that inspiration and I want to say, God bless you, Lizzie, and thank you for being an inspiration. Keep doing what you do best.

She has a twitter, facebook, and a blog. It's all on her website here:!__home

I've already contacted her via her website to let her know she's doing an awesome job. I invite you to check out her website.

Until next time, God Bless.
~ MissNiChloe

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  1. Thank you for the link and keep up the great work. :)