Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teachers bully kids with special needs

This... this is really sickening. School is supposed to be a good, safe place for learning, but this... I was speechless when I saw this.

A 10 year old boy, named Akian was tormented by his teacher and aide while at school. He has Autism, but his father says that his son has always been a sweet, non-violent kid. His father made this video as a reaction to this:

I found this out yesterday and just today, I found out one of the teachers was fired. The other has been said to have been moved to another district, but the father has proof that the teacher still works at the school. The video had since been removed.

Unfortunately, it is only the most recent case of a teacher bullying a student with a disability. This kind of thing is very sickening. I commend Akian's father, and every other parent whose child was victim to this kind of bullying, for speaking up. It's just very disturbing to see this kind of thing happen, especially at a school. Akian's father felt like he wasn't sending his son to school, he says it felt like sending him to prison. If you watch the first video, you'll see how disturbing it is. When I watched the first video, I was shocked, speechless, horrified, I can't explain how I felt. The abuse needs to stop! The bullying needs to stop! Any teacher who would do that needs to have his/her teaching certificate taken away!

Please sign the petition! This needs to stop! It really does!

Until next time, God Bless.
~ MissNiChloe

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