Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Vigil

This is something I heard had happened recently, something I feel strongly about. The 
murder of George Hodgins, a 22 year old with Autism. He was murdered by his own mother on 
March 6. After doing a little research, I find out that there have been a few similar 
cases where a person with a disability is murdered by a loved one. Here is an article 
about this from

There was one such case, the murder of Tracy Latimer, a 12 year old girl with cerebral 
palsy, who was killed by her father. Her father, then had gone on television to try to 
legalize the killing of people with disabilities.

This... there are no words for this! It's sickening! I wish I could do more, and I will, 
someday, when I'm finally out on my own. For now, I'm here to at least spread awareness. 
I know how tough it can be on family members, but it's tough on the people with 
disabilities as well. You cannot imagine how tough it is sometimes.

People need to be more aware of these issues. This is a good opportunity for us to spread 
awareness. Being someone with a disability myself, I'd like to say that all we want is to 
be accepted, to not be discriminated against. We can do just about anything a person 
without disabilities can do. 

There are several vigils that are going to take place for the people with disabilities 
that will not have a chance to follow their dreams. I'm putting the link here in hopes 
that you'll be able to go, for support. Being there in spirit is better than not being 
there at all.

I have signed up as maybe joining the virtual vigil, but I will certainly be there in spirit.

Until next time, God Bless.
~ MissNiChloe

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  1. "Autism" is a catch all term for a wide range of conditions. One 'issue' is how best to educate and make life better for an individual who suffers from a condition called "living." There have to be better ways to educate all people with regard to their unique make-up -- and we are all unique, even "identical" children from a multiple birth. Some people learn better visually, some audibly. Some people learn best by repetition or by doing. Some learn by research, some by observation. Another issue is finding ways to encourage people to WANT to accept other people as they are and learn to appreciate their uniqueness.